Looking for a M1a? Buy my package deal- ammo/mags/upgraded surplus stock

8 months ago
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Cal Guns

Located in Orange County and available to inspect on my schedule
Springfield M1A with all the accessories it came with new. Case/box/paperwork. Exactly 40 rounds fired.
I replaced the factory stock with a “Treeline as-new walnut stock” This stock was made by TRW with their manufactures stamp, has the proof marks and comes with a new metal liner and butt plate. Comes with an original slotted M14 Hand Guard.
I also added a Hawks dummy M14 selector kit. These look like a real M14, but the parts are neutered and mount to the stock and not the trigger guard.
7 magazines.
1 x 10 round and 6 x 10/20 (internally blocked with a block of wood) 4 are Springfield and three are Milsurp
960 rounds of surplus 7.62 x 51. (860 of these rounds are still in sealed battle packs)
Over $2400 invested - Total for everything - $2200. Full cash asking price and I will drive up to one hour from Irvine to do DROES (on my schedule)
Trades - I will take up to $500 worth of factory 9mm ball ammo as part of any deal. I will also consider a Glock 34/17L (beat up is much better then new) Also will consider a TRO or a T1/T2