M1 Garand CMP SA WWII Service Grade CMP Wood, Sacto., Will Ship

11 months ago
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Cal Guns
(city or county): Sacramento

Make: Springfield Armory
Model: M1 Garand
Caliber: 30.06
Location (city or county): Sacramento
Price: $1,500
Will ship (Y/N): Yes, at buyer's expense
Other info: Buyer to pay any fees
I have for sale a WWII (1942) Springfield Armory M1 Garand with all SA parts and an upgraded LMR barrel, Muzzle = 2 Throat = 2, and a pristine and very attractive CMP stock.
This rifle was cherry picked out of a batch, and I had planned to keep it as a higher-end shooter. Then, I bought another rifle that I couldn’t afford and now this one has to go to help cover part of that cost.
I am a wood guy. I take the refinishing of a stock really seriously, and I had planned to keep this rifle long term. The stock is very attractive and presents very well. I can’t find a ding, dent or mark anywhere and the three pieces of wood match really nicely.
I applied the following products to this stock: Citristrip, Mineral Spirits, Sandpaper (no higher than 150 grit to avoid any shine), Acetone, USSR Stain, Organic Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil from GNC and lastly Tom's 1/3 Wax. The wood should turn more reddish in color over time as the flaxseed oil oxidizes, just like with USGI stocks.
I took the metal out of the stock and refinished the wood as described above, then it put it back together and greased it. That is the sum total of my interactions with this rifle. It is unfired by me and comes with everything that it came with from the CMP including the Certificate of Authenticity, CMP Rifle Case, Instruction Manual, Range Flag, Clip and Coupon for a free trigger lock.
The only negative that I can think of as about this rifle is that I can pretty much guarantee that it will draw a crowd. If you are more of an introvert than an extrovert personality, you should keep in mind that people will need to talk to you when they see this rifle. If you are looking for a gift and want a really nice shooter that will knock somebody’s socks off when they see it this rifle is the one you want.
The ammo, knife, tank round and lead sled in the pictures are not included.
No lesser offers, No trades. I need $$ to pay for another gun.
Please do not post to this thread for any reason. PM Questions and “I’ll take it”.