Springfield M1A With 22" Barrel, USGI Walnut Stock, 1 10-rd Mag & TRW Trigger Group

over 1 year ago
Springfield M1A With 22" Barrel, USGI Walnut Stock, 1 10-rd Mag & TRW Trigger Group
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Молон Лабе

Make: Springfield, with TRW (Thompson Ramo Wooldrige) trigger group.
Model: M1A
Caliber: .308 Win. or 7.62x51mm NATO
Location (city or county): Ventura County or close by (LA/ETC.)
Price: $1500
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: I bought the Springfield M1A a couple of years ago, NOTHING has ever gone wrong with it, only about 200 rounds went through the action and acquired another M1A in the meantime, need to buy a house now. The trigger group is from TRW and is far beyond one of the best items you could ever put on a like-new Springfield M1A because of its crisp double stage trigger and all cast steel war time construction. A 10 round SA magazine is included, it holds 9 rounds despite what the factory claims, that might change over time and use. The stock is a cartouched walnut item with the hinged rear butt plate and a circled "P" under the wrist. There are not any cracks, a few compression marks are found and there appears to be a small crack by the selector cutout BUT this looks to be a natural fissure, I couldn't find evidence that it went past the surface in depth and it is not a weight bearing location. The action has an accommodation for a Gen 4 scope mount base, which is not included but a nice option if you plan on putting a scope on this one. The iron sights are awesome and the front sight is a National Match blade. I can hit anything from 1 to 600 yards with this and could probably go out father but no local ranges let me. I am a damn good seller and stand by this one. If you're afraid of the new gun laws, go featureless and avoid all of the other BS while still having something PROVEN BY THE MILITARY for use.
"I'll take it now" wins. Please contact via PM. Price and meeting place is negotiable, let me know what works for you and check out my feedback.