6.5 Grendel Alexander Arms, Calaveras, will ship.

about 1 year ago
6.5 Grendel Alexander Arms, Calaveras, will ship.
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Bought new in 2015.
Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel.
Low round count, every round has been accounted for. Extremely accurate weapon. Cleaned perfectly after shooting.
Will ship. Weapon will be featureless or lower receiver stripped if your FFL so desires.
Alexander Arms GSR 6.5 Grendel Rifle
Barrel: Precision cut-rifled, 5R rifling, 1:8.75 twist, 20 fluted stainless steel barrel with X-Comp Flash Hider (free floated).
Action and Upper: Beefy side-charging direct impingement upper with extra thick walls to minimize flex; extended-length MK10 handguard made from G10 composite and vented to aid barrel cooling with the top vents offset from the sight line to minimize mirage.
Weight: 10 lbs.
Total rounds fired: 449
Accuracy: Ave 0.3-0.4 MOA with 123 gr. Hornady A-Max
Velocity: 2570 fps
Rifle includes:
XTREME Hardcore Gear Rail mounted Anti-cant bubble level
KNS Pins
CMC Flat Bow Trigger Group
2 Mags (2x 10 round)
Rail Sections
Soft Carry Case
Price: $2999 (New cost for rifle and extras approx. $3700 w/o tax & shipping)
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