Brand New NULA model 24 in 280 Ackley

over 1 year ago
Stallard Arms
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Long Range Hunting

I have a brand new New Ultra Light Arms Model 24 in 280 Ackley Improved for sale made by Melvin Forbes.
The reason I'm selling is because I placed an order for two of these rifles (the other is in 6.5x47) 15 months ago (Nov. 2015).
At the time Melvin said that he would have the rifles done in 5 months and I wanted the 280AI for a backcountry elk hunt that I had planned in the fall of 2016.
Well I just got these rifle last week.
I'm keeping the 6.5x47 for a sheep rifle, but I had to buy a different rifle for my 2016 elk hunt, so now I've got two 280 AI's.
Since this one is brand new I'm going to sell it for exactly what I paid for it.
So here's a chance for you to own a brand new NULA without the year plus wait!
The rifle weighs 5lbs. 3oz. with the scope mounts (but not including the scope).
It's got a 24" number 2 contour barrel.
It was test fired 4 times by Melvin to zero the scope.
His target is included and as you can see from the picture, he shot one shot made an adjustment to zero, then shot about a 0.3" thre shot group.
The price is $3800 shipped.
That's $3600 for the base rifle. Then I upgraded to a stainless steel barrel for $68.
Had the rifle cerakoted $85.
And had an extra sling stud screw installed for a bipod rail $50.
Total of $3800 shipped to your FFL in a plastic case.
The scope that is pictured is a brand new Leupold VX6 with the TMOA reticle, and the zero lock low profile elevation turret with a capped windage turret.
I ordered this scope directly from the Leupold custom shop, and had it sent directly to Melvin a year ago.
If you would like the scope I will include it for an additional $1000 (paid $1300).
Please email me at with questions or for pictures.