Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Mag-locked, San Diego, NS

over 1 year ago
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Daniel Defense
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San Diego
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This is an UNFIRED Daniel Defense DDM4V7, the new 2016 version featuring the M-LOK rail system. It has the standard barrel. It is in new condition. I bought it new last fall, I never got around to firing it, so I have decided to sell it.
This includes the rifle, hard case, one Franklin Armory DFM 10 round magazine (locked), Daniel Defense 10/30 magazine, 2 Magpul 10 round magazines, a butt stock LOP end piece, and manual.
If you are in the San Diego area and interested, please message. No trades. Thanks.
This rifle has a Franklin Armory DFM locked magazine installed. This magazine cannot be removed without doing the following:
1. First the upper and lower must be separated.
2. The bolt catch release must be removed. To do this, you must use a punch to drive out the roll pin keeping the bolt catch in place, remove the detent and spring, and then remove the bolt catch.
3. Once the entire bolt catch assembly is removed, the magazine can be removed.
To load this rifle you can either use the Mean Arms MA-Loader, or you can tip up the receiver and load each round one at a time.
A third option, this rifle will also include the DFM Bolt Catch. This is a specially designed bolt catch which you can install which will allow the magazine to be pulled out of the top of the lower after the upper and lower have been tilted away from each other. Caution must be taken if you decide to use this part so that you do not allow the upper and lower to close without the magazine locked in place.
How weak is all this crap?