IWI Tavor, Riverside, No Shipping

almost 2 years ago
IWI Tavor, Riverside, No Shipping
Stallard Arms
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Cal Guns

Make: IWI
Caliber: 5.56/223
Location (city or county):Riverside/San Bernardino
Price: $2,800
Will ship (Y/N):No Ship
Other info: This is a great rifle and has been accessorized with lots of
useful upgrades. To start off it will come as pictured with sight, bag made
especially for the Tavor which holds magazines and is made to hold the 9mm
conversion if you have it. This will come with stock trigger but upgrade TAV-
D trigger is already installed and awesome. It also has Gear head works
Swivel sling mount and also gear head works TMF with M-lock forgrip.
Attached to that is the Magpul AFG-2 angled fore grip with integrated button
light in the TMF frame.I will even through in the fde sling if full price is paid.
To put this package together you would pay well over asking price. It will
also come with all paperwork along with FDE Faux Silencer can to make it
look real mean and shoot just as well.
Parts list:
Tavor Fulcrum Swivel...$56.99
Tavor Modular Forearm.$129.99
Primary Arms Weapons light...$89.99
Shooting Sight Tav-d Trigger...$340.00
Eotech Model EXPS3 in TAN..$679.00
Tavor Complete Case...........$149.99 out of stock
Thats a total of $1,445.96 in accessories on a rifle that cost $2,139.99 at turners.
$3,584.96 to put Rifle together!!!
Allfor the low price of $2,800