WTS 28 gauge double barrel, 410 single, 22 Crickett, 9mm shotgun, will ship North OC

almost 2 years ago
Stallard Arms
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American Arms Gentry 28 Gauge Double Barrel shotgun. Side by side 26 fixed chokes, improved cylinder and modified chokes, with extractors only, does not kick out the shells in your face. Some side by sides automatically switch onto safety when you break them open but this one does not which is far preferable in my opinion. Ive had his since new for decades and its quite the quail killer. Its been very well cared for with no rust and other than a few little nicks and light use, I would rate it at a 98% + condition. You dont see many shooter grade 28 doubles on the market. Very nice popping clays too. I bought this for my wife (ex-wife now) many years ago and I have decided its time to find it a new home. Its a little bit of remaining bitterness as some of you may understand ;-) At least I got to keep my guns. $475.00
Keystone Sporting Arms Crickett Youth model 22 LR Synthetic stock, 16 1/2 barrel, this included the child safety lock which was missing when I bought it and I had to order 2 new keys from the factory. I removed the assembly since there are no kids around here. This is a tiny little thing and once you remove the screw, you can take it down and it also packs very small. Its in excellent overall condition and did not look shot much when I bought it. Ive never had a chance to shoot it. $100.00
Rossi 410 Youth model shotgun. 22 break open shotgun with 3 chamber, modified choke, synthetic stock and blue finish. I added a removable HiVis front sight on it. It takes down easily and barely fits in my bug out bag. Its super light in the arms. It got replaced by a Chiappa Double Badger 410 / 22 Magnum combo gun. Its only been shot once and is in 99% condition. $100.00
Belgian 9mm Flobert breech loading single shot shotgun fires 9mm Flobert Rimfire shot shells ONLY, 25 smooth bore barrel. I believe this was built in the 1940s or 1950s. This has a strong breech block that breaks open and you load a single shot shell. This was a bit of an impulse buy. I only shot 2 shells through it. Ammo is still available online. When the 410 is just too much shotgun for you, you can pop a sparrow or backyard rat with this thing. $200.00
I like to do my PPTs as OC Indoor Range in Brea. They are nice folks over there and good to CalGuns members. Will ship if I have to to. I'd prefer FTF transactions.