WTT LAW Professional - 7 Rem Mag for high end scope

over 1 year ago
Standard Arms
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Long Range Hunting
Seattle, WA / Thompson Falls, MT

WTT Legendary Arms Works Professional in 7 Rem Mag. I had this gun and while dry firing and adjusting the Timney the bolt had a hard lift. I bore sighted it (5 total shots) and got it on paper but the bolt lift did not feel right, so I called LAW and they said to send it in. They had to replace the bolt and the trigger (they never said what was wrong). Barrel is the new bigger contour. The LAW is 7.09 lb on my scale. Look at LAW website for specs but the highlights are CRF, cerakote, fluted barrel, and it comes threaded with both vias style muzzle brake and a thread protector that makes it look seamless with the barrel. Timmy trigger set at 2.0 lbs. The rifle has a very nice feel, and if was lighter I would be keeping it, however the Kimber has 1.5 pounds on the LAW. It was at the factory so long to get the work done, I bought a Kimber MT on here for hunting season, and grew very fond of the Kimber for the weight. This is basically a brand new rifle. Never carried. Spent most of her life with LAW waiting to have a new bolt made and headspaced, and re-coated. I will include a set Talley lightweights (1") if you choose to run those instead of the factory bases. PM for additional info or to have specific pictures taken. Listed multiple places.
Looking to trade for 2.5-10 NXS or 5.5-22 NXS and open to other quality optic trades geared towards LR and tactical turrets.