Beautiful Springfield Garand with VAR Barrel, Many Extras

over 1 year ago
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Cal Guns
WLiberty Ohio

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I have decided to start selling off some of my rifles and downsizing as I just cant get to the range as much anymore with my job
This is a rifle I built on a barreled receiver I purchased years ago. This rifle
was built with many USGI NOS unissued parts , the balance of the parts are excellent condition . Some parts have had accuracy modifications
List of USGI Unissued Parts:
Complete Bolt
Gas Cylinder ( has had NM Mods, barrel ring enlarged, lug beveled)
Lower Band
Gas Lock (timed)
Follower/Slide Assembly
Follower Rod
Follower Arm
Follower Arm Pin
Bullet Guide
Op Rod Catch
Clip Ejector Spring
Has a beautiful figured fancy grade commercial stock that has been fitted for accuracy and function. The stock does have some small handling marks from rubbing against other rifles in the safe. I finished the wood with a Tung Oil finish to give it some shine and bring out the grain
Installed a Orion 7 Op Rod Spring
Has a Schuster adjustable gas screw
There is very little finish wear to the barrel and receiver from use but no rust or pitting. The VAR barrel is sought after by many shooters ,the bore and crown are perfect , Muzzle Wear .5 Throat Wear 1.75
The trigger guard on it now does have alittle pitting ( no rust or pitting on any of the other parts)
and slightly worn lugs but has tight lock up. I chose this guard with worn lugs so as the stock compressed I could change the guard out for a unissued one with perfect lugs so lock up would remain tight. Lock up is to tight now for the unissued guard and I did not want to remove wood to make it fit. Its better to wait until the wood compresses some instead of fitting it to fit so lock up will always remain tight .
I will include a unissued trigger guard so you can use it in the future
The trigger group has had work and pull has been lightened
The excellent used parts have been gauged and are well in spec
If you have any questions feel free to PM me
List of accuracy mods:
Trigger work
Stock fitted
Gas Lock Timed
Gas Cylinder barrel ring reamed and lug beveled as to not interfer with hand guard
This is not your normal everyday Garand so the price does reflect it .$1400 plus shipping/insurance