A Loaded Tavor SAR

over 1 year ago
Available on
Cal Guns
Alexandria VA, accept PP

On the fence about this but am not using it as much as it should be played with. I know, this might sell faster if I take out some of the bling but let's try this first. Asking $2650 for this loaded Tavor, fired less than 200 rds, about 100 suppressed. Let's start from the butt end, it has the thinner butt pad, TAV-D trigger assembly (metal), improved gas cover (left side ejection panel), geiselle trigger, short rail, MARS red to sight with IR, sandpaper grips, the Canadian forend, X300U with remote switch, CAA vertical grip, folding charging handle in FDE, folding front sight and fixed rear and lastly, I think, a Surefire brake. If I don't mention brands, it's because I cannot remember at the time of writing. Am located in Alexandria VA, accept PP +4%. no mention of firearms, and will ship priority insured to your FFL. FFL must accept from an individual. This is not CA compliant but can easily be made one. No mags if shipped to CA. Any questions, please PM me. Thanks.