1941 Spanish Airforce Star Model S .380

about 5 years ago
 1941 Spanish Airforce Star Model S .380
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Northwest Firearms

Very nice Model S in excellant condition. Matching numbers on pistol and two magazines in original box with matching numbers. One non matching magazine. A later edition owner's manual in english. As I understand it, this pistol was issued to Spanish pilots when they flew for Germany. Not sure about that, but it does have a number of markings that look very German as well as the Spanish airforce markings. Nice leather and some ammo goes with the gun if the deal is right. This gun is a blast to shoot and very accurate. I've had it for twenty years and it has never had a FTF or FTE.
Sell for $500.00 orTrade for:
Ruger SP101 .357 or .38
Taurus M650 .357
Taurus M605 .357
Taurus 85 .38
Star Firestar .45
Astro A75 .45
Cimarron Smoke Wagon .357
Cimarron .45/45LC convertible
No shotguns, .22's or poly guns. Interested in a compact 5 shot revolver for my wife or the last few items on the trade list for myself.
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