G19 holsters - 5 Shot SME AIWB and Mitch Rosen

over 3 years ago
G19 holsters - 5 Shot SME AIWB and Mitch Rosen
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M4 Carbine

I am selling these two holsters made for a G19:5 Shot SME AIWB Holster - Like new condition, 1.5" belt loops. Worn a few times around the house but never out.
I hung onto this holster for a few months trying to give AIWB a chance, but I just can't get used to this carry method.
Craftsmanship is top notch.
The holster was $208 plus shipping with an 8 month wait and 5 Shot is currently closed to new orders.
Asking $225 which covers what I paid plus shipping to you.Mitch Rosen 5JR with Thumb Break -- Very good condition, 1.5" belt loops. I wore this holster every day for about a year, and it is just getting broken in.
The holster has excellent fit with the gun in it.
It has a secure fit, but as soon as you start to draw the gun immediately pops out.
It is one of the fastest leather holster I've drawn from and feels more like drawing from kydex.
I am selling because I no longer have a need for a thumb break holster.
The holster retails new for $175.
I am asking $100 shipped to you.5 Shot SME:Mitch Rosen: