WTS STAR Model B C&R 1945

almost 5 years ago
WTS STAR Model B C&R 1945
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I would like to sell my Star Model B 9mm Luger. The gun looks good with no pitting I can see. There are some small blemishes to the bluing, but very little considering it was manufactured in 1945. Proof date stamp is *P, 1945. It comes with two magazines. It is stamped, not peened, C.A.I GEORGIA.VT on the right side above the trigger. The barrel is in good condition and is accurate. This gun does not care much for brass ammo. Load four rounds of brass case ammo and it shoots ok. It will shoot steel case ammo good. I have read some articles about how to fix the brass case ammo problems, but I don't have the patience or the know how. Besides, steel case ammo is about $10.50 a box at Academy. I am asking $290.00 plus $35.00 shipping. It will cost me $45.00 to ship to you according to my FFL. He will ship to a verified C&R address. If you like the pistol please make an offer. I can send more pictures via email.