Sten MKIII parts kit/non functioning display gun

over 1 year ago
Sten MKIII parts kit/non functioning display gun
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Don't know where else to put this,so here goes
I have a STEN MKIII parts kit that I slapped togewher to make a cool display gun.
I triple checked ATF regs before doing so..It's legit and good to go
I used a standard parts kit,and made a dummy receiver out of a tie rod from a Freightliner FLD series truck that we were scrapping at work.
Diameter is such that a FA bolt WILL NOT FIT.I also did not cut out a slide for the bolt handle-bolt handle is tack welded in place.
Will never fire in this configuration.
"Barrel" is just a stub of tubing,no real barrel in it.
Welds are just quick tacks,can be cut off and redone to suit your tastes.
Looks cool as is.
Includes 1 32 round magazine,which is fully functional.
I do have a nice original barrel,and other misc parts,for extra.
Asking $175-I have 2 hours or so of work into it,plus the cost of the kit.I know for a fact they go for more online (Then again,they probably did a better job)
Will trade for ?
Mainly looking for old/antique guns,quality auto knives,762x39 ammo,AK mags,30-30 ammo,30-06 GARAND ammo