Saiga 12

almost 2 years ago
Saiga 12
Sterling Arms
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Cal Guns
Bay Area

Selling a new Saiga 12 converted (by me) with Carolina shooters supply trigger gard, Warsaw -9.25" stock, ATI Scorpion grip, KVAR handguard.
Ice Rack Supreme done on bolt & bolt carrier by Pauly Steelin with a Choate upturned handle.
Including a new Tac 47 auto plug and genuine Russian Molot GK-01 Brake (not a CSS copy), both items are not yet installed.
Two factory 5 round mags and four 10 round mags (all new) are included.
Price is $1500 for everything, only trade I'm interested in is a New Remington Versamax Synthetic or Tactical 12 gauge shot gun.
No shipping, can meet in the East Bay to transfer (would prefer to PPT at Elite Armory or City Arms East).