Dutch Mannlicher Carbine

over 2 years ago
Dutch Mannlicher Carbine
Steyr Mannlicher
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Northwest Firearms

This is a rare Dutch Mannlicher carbine, chambered in 6.5x53r. It is in near-perfect condition, with only a bit of fading in the finish. As far as I can tell, all of the parts are matching, and the action is dated 1900. If you have never handled a classic Mannlicher bolt-action rifle, you are missing out. The action is as slick and smooth as glass, even 115 years later. This rifle feeds from an en-bloc clip, which is ejected from the bottom when the last round is chambered. It is light, handy, has low recoil and packs surprising punch. If you like unique historical weapons, or just need a handy hunting rifle, this may be for you.
Included with the rifle are:
-An original sling
-5 en bloc clips
-Dies, bullets, brass, powder, and hand-primer for reloading.
6.5x53r can't be found on store shelves, but can easily be formed out of common .303 British brass with a little patience.
-The shoulder is set back with a .308 die (included)
-The neck may be necked down to 7mm as an intermediate step with a 7mm-08 die (not included)
-The neck is further necked down to 6.5mm and the body is reshaped for greater taper with the 6.5x53r die.
-The brass is trimmed back to 2.1"
-After this the brass may be loaded with any standard 6.5mm bullet. My personal load is a 140gr bullet over 38 grains of 4350.
I'm asking for 500$, but will entertain reasonable offers.