Rem Custom Shop Model 7 MS in 308

almost 3 years ago
Rem Custom Shop Model 7 MS in 308
Steyr Mannlicher
Available on
Long Range Hunting

I got this from a dealer who had it on display, but couldn't sell it in
his rural gunshop. It has never been fired or scoped. It is a Remington
Model 7 from the Custom Shop, called the MS for Mannlicher Stock. The
MSRP on these is about $2,800. This one is in 308, a great caliber for
such a short compact carbine. I've has these rifles in 257 Roberts,
7mm-08, 308, 35 Rem, and 350 Rem Mag. They are easy to get dialed in and
are very accurate. I bought Talley LW rings/bases, and found a nice old
gloss Redfield 3x9 that matches the deep bluing. I'll include the
mounts with the sale of the rifle, and the buyer can have the Redfield
for $100, mounted and sighted in.
$1,425 + $25 shipping