WTS/WTT 2x Steyr-Mannlicher M95 carbines w/ 445 rounds of 8x56R and 29 enbloc clips

almost 4 years ago
WTS/WTT 2x Steyr-Mannlicher M95 carbines w/ 445 rounds of 8x56R and 29 enbloc clips
Steyr Mannlicher
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Up for sale/trade are two Steyr-Mannlicher M95 carbines, along with ammo and clips. The M95 was the service weapon used by the Austro-Hungarians during WW1, and most M95s were then sold to Bulgaria in the 1930s and used by the Bulgarian Army during WW2. It uses a unique straight pull action, which I found is faster and smoother than a traditional bolt action.
The first carbine is an original M95 'Stutzen' carbine, produced in 1915 in Budapest, Hungary. All numbers match. It comes with the original stock, but it has a small crack behind the tang, which should be repairable. It is currently residing in a second, mismatched stock for shooting purposes. It includes an original Bulgarian sling.
The second carbine is a M95/30 carbine, produced in 1916 in Steyr, Austria. It was originally a M95 long rifle that was later modified to carbine length by the Bulgarian Army in the 1930s. It retains the original long rifle rear sight. All numbers match, including the stock (though the stock and receiver were renumbered to match by the Bulgarians).
Interestingly, the markings show that this Austrian-made M95 was not used by the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Army like most M95s. Instead, it was used by the Hungarian Honv?ds?g, which was the Hungarian territorial army. Both Austria and Hungary had home defense armies, independent of the joint Imperial Army.
Both carbines are S-marked for 8x56R ammo. Both were refurbished by the Bulgarians after WW2, and are in very good condition with no mechanical issues. Both have very good but somewhat frosty bores with prominent rifling.
Also included in the package are 445 rounds of 8x56R FMJ ammo, 29 enbloc clips, and 10 once-fired brass cases:
130 rounds of Austrian Nazi-headstamped ammo on clips and in the original boxes
10 rounds of Austrian Nazi-headstamped ammo on clips (no boxes)
100 rounds of loose Austrian Nazi-headstamped ammo
110 rounds of loose Bulgarian ammo
90 rounds of boxed Prvi Partizan 208 gr. FMJ (Reloadable! Boxer primed and brass cased.)
10 once-fired Prvi brass cases
5 rounds of Prvi Partisan FMJ on a clip
(Ammo can not included).
For the entire package of two carbines and all the ammo and clips, I'm asking $850 plus actual shipping. I'm not interested in splitting up the package at this time. The carbines must ship to a 01 or 03 FFL if going to an out-of-state buyer. I have my 03 C&R FFL, but you must ensure that your FFL will accept shipment from me. Face-to-face deals will require a copy of your AR DL or AR CHL.
Cash only for a face-to-face deal in Northwest Arkansas. If shipping, I'll accept payment by USPS Money Order or certified bank check only.
I'm also interested in trading the carbines and ammo for one or more of the following, +/- cash as needed:
A) The below Gen 4 Glocks, especially one in OD or FDE:
-G34 9mm
-G17 9mm
-G21 .45 ACP
-G30 .45 ACP
-G19 9mm, preferrably one with the finger grooves professionally removed
B) 9mm rifle that accepts Glock 17 magazines, such as a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 or DDLES AR15.
C) Military surplus rifles in original condition (not sporterized or cut down):
-Soviet Mosin Nagant PU sniper rifle
-Soviet SKS
-Soviet SVT-40
-Finnish Mosin Nagant (M27, M28, M28/30, M39, or M91)
-German K98
-German G98
-German G24(t)
-German G43
-German G33/40 carbine
-US M1 Garand
-US M1903
-US M1917
-US M1 Carbine
-Czech Vz. 33 carbine
-Czech Vz. 52/57
-Egyptian Rasheed
-British Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 or Mk. 2
-Swiss M1896/11, M1911, or K11
Let me know if you have any questions, or would like photos of anything else in particular. Feel free to PM or email me, but emails will generally get a faster response.