Dan Wesson Valor Duty Coat

almost 2 years ago
Dan Wesson Valor Duty Coat
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I have a like new DW Valor 5" NON BLEM with the duty coat in .45. This was a safe queen for me. I am looking to use the funds for something else so no trades on this one except maybe a T1/2 or an Aimpoint PRO plus cash. This has no nicks or scratches. Anything you may see is simply lint, fuzz, oil or the lighting. Picture (4) looks like major scratches on the slide. It is just the lighting as confirmed by the following pictures. Cleaned meticulously. See my feedback for confidence.
Dan Wesson Valor duty coat 5" .45 ACP
The box is missing the bushing wrench and the factory tiny oil vial. I never needed the wrench and so I didn't worry about it. The gun has less than 500 rounds fired but you would never know it. (2) Checkmate factory mags.
Also, I have a number of magazines, grips and extras I am trying to include as I'd like this to be a package deal rather than piece it out and deal with the logistics of shipping it all.
(4) Wilson 47Ds
(2) Wilson 47Ds unmarked? They look the same
(4) Wilson? blackish bodies
(1) Kimber
(3) CM Power + 10 rounders new
Tw (?) magazine well not installed
Extra set of VZ grips
Most of these mags have a sandpaper like sticker on the bottom and the baseplates are weighted. I got them this way. They all function great. You 1911 guys will probably know what these are. You'll see in the pictures.
Lastly, I have two RH holsters specifically for this gun. These are very nice. One is AIWB and the other is OWB with what looks like a tec lock type attachment.
$2000 for all of this
The ONLY trades I am interested in are as follows:
Steyr AUG
KAC NVG T1/2 mount
Aimpoint T1/2
Vickers BLACK Glock 17
Again, I don't want to part it out right now.
See feedback for confidence.