Stoeger Coach Supreme 12 Gauge

almost 2 years ago
Available on
Northwest Firearms

Stoeger coach Supreme
12 gauge
Polished nickel
20" barrels
Fiber optic front sight, drilled/tapped into center rib
Comes with two cylinder bore chokes at $350
For $75 extra with purchase I have additional chokes that can go with this shotgun. They are Carlson Black Cloud for steel shot, one is modified and one is full. Works well with dual triggers for a close and far away shot.
Long story on this shotgun if interested please send me a message let's talk so I can inform you of everything. Not going to type everything out on the forum.
Again, please send me a message and we can discuss details over the phone.
Shotgun is being sold as a pickup in Albany area, it's priced cheap (in my opinion) and buyer responsible for any and all FFL costs.
Shooting trip about a year ago:
Instagram video by T. King
Feb 10, 2016 at 6:50pm UTC
Two weekends ago myself and another forum member took some kids out shooting and this shotgun was used out there slinging birdshot at a steel target. Can't post that video since it does have an underage kid whom I do not have permission to share their video. - Not my kid, not my deal.