S&W Sigma SW40VE with lots of extras

about 5 years ago
S&W Sigma SW40VE with lots of extras
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Upper Macungie, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County)

S&W sigma .40. Practically brand new. I bought this new, did a trigger job on it. Also did a spring reduction on the trigger. Very crisp and light. Also included is a custom trd-1911 laser. 2 14 round magazines. There is only about 200 rounds down the pipe. Also included is 200+ rounds of ammo. Lee .40/10mm 4 carbide die set with factory crimp die. about 400 180 gr. bullets for reloading and about 400-500 brass casings, already tumbled. The reason I want to get rid of it, it's the only .40 I have and have not taken it to the range in over a year.
Looking for trades:
Semi auto 12ga. shotgun
cetme, hk g3, 91 rifles working or not
fal rifles or parts, working or not.
Firearms parts kit, basically any type of kit, need something to build, i am getting bored.
Suomi m31 complete
Offer something interesting and maybe we can work out some kind of deal.
Cash - $500 for everything, gun, laser, reloading components, etc...
Would like to do a ftf around the lehigh valley, shipping might get expensive with the bullet projectiles.
I would be glad to answer any questions or even meet you at Guthsville ( i am a member) to test it out before you buy.