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Item, Location, Will Ship/No Shipping
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M96 Swede Mauser in VG/VG+ condition
1916 dated
Light wood which is not the typical Beechwood that is common to Swedes
ALL Matching!
Even the bands have matching numbers which is pretty cool
$550 cash or trade in San Jose
Bring your 03 C&R FFL or PPT close by
Swedish Mausers are Great rifles. They are extremely well made (old world craftsmanship) and were meticulously cared for.
Sweden stayed Neutral during both World Wars, so these never went to battle. The Swedes really were anal about taking care of their weapons, so the bores, as this one is, bright and shiney and shoots extremely well
If you haven't shot 6.5 x 55, you've never been a shootin'
Very accurate round
Compared to a Moisin Nagant, this is a Cadillac!
Treat yourself