WTT Swiss K31 Sac area

over 2 years ago
WTT Swiss K31 Sac area
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Looking to trade this nice Swiss K31.
I bought it months ago and have never fired it.
It is a 1951 production with a Beech(?) stock.
Looks like someone has oiled the stock.
The stock has taken the usual beating, although no large chunks missing and markings are clear.
No troop tag.
Import marked.
Bluing is 90% +
All numbers match.
The bore is bright and shiny, there are a few small "freckles" here and there in the grooves, may be a tiny bit of corrosion but I can't tell......throat and crown are perfect.
Should be a great shooter.
Trades I am looking for:
Swedish Mauser
Handguns in .32acp
Spanish FR-7 or 8
Beretta 92
S&W second gen 9mm or 45
Marlin Camp carbine
.22 trainers of any type
blocked M1 Carbine mags
Ruger #1
I will consider pretty much any trade, doesn't hurt to ask. Will include cash or GP11 on my end for the right trade.
If it doesn't trade away in a few weeks, I may sell it.
Prefer FTF in Sac/Stockton areas but will ship if the right deal presents itself.