Reduced Noveske 10.5" CQB, PSA BCGs

about 3 years ago
Reduced Noveske 10.5" CQB, PSA BCGs
Syracuse Arms
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M4 Carbine

Bump with new items and reductions.
Blowing out everything unfinished or unused in my safe. Simplifying mightily.
1 - Noveske Stainless 10.5" CQB Model 5.56mm barrel with Factory Pinned Noveske Gas Block, Gas Block pin and carbine gas tube. This is the 7PT improved polygonal rifling. About 500 rounds of brass ammo through it in the last year, and a total tack driver, 100% reliable with anything I shot. I would keep this but it doesn't clear my rail quite enough to mount my new Gemtech can, so I'm going 11.5". A few scuff marks on the gas block from driving the pin in and out, but that's it. $195 shipped.
5 - 2x PSA C158 Premium BCGs. Bought during one of their $99 sales, both have been fired about two mags function testing each in the last year, no more. $75 shipped per BCG or $140 for both.
Sold - 2 - Noveske KX3 5.56mm 1/2x28 - Used, also about 450 rounds through it - $75 shipped.
Sold - Rainier Arms Select 5.56MM Spiral Fluted Barrel - 16 Matte Stainless Midlength. Shown at this link:
Costs $325 new. This one is unfired, zero round count. Installed and then uninstalled. $199 shipped.
Sold - - Noveske BCG and BCM Noveske Marked Charging Handle. 400 rounds of brass M193 through these. Purchased new from Noveske.
$119 for the BCG, $35 for the CH, $149 for both.
Sold - 4- Spike's Tactical A3 upper complete, used lightly, some tiny handling/scuff marks. Ejection port cover has a rub spot over the spider. $75 shipped
Sold - 6 - Ballistic Advantage Gas Block, Nitride finish, brand new. $25 shipped.
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