Vortex and zeiss binocs

almost 2 years ago
Vortex and zeiss binocs
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Long Range Hunting

I bought a bunch of binocs last winter and tested them all. Zeiss, zeiss terra, bushnell, and cabelas euro. They've never seen field use all like new as I just looked through them to compare. In my opinion they all are very good. Even the bushnell a surpised me. To my eyes, the cabelas 10x32's I bought out did them all. So here's what is for sale.
Zeiss 8x20 compact. $350.00
Zeiss terra 8x32. $350.00
Vortex 8x32 talon HD. $350.00
Vortex 10x32 talon HD. $360.00
Buyer pays shipping. Um, it's a pretty good deal for anybody needing some binocs.
Out of what's left, my personal favorite would be the vortex 8x32 talons.
I'm having trouble loading photos. It'll only let me load one at a time and then when I add one it erases the one before. I'll try to load more tomorrow or send you photos if you want.