ww2 K.A.R.T m1 carbine with extras

over 2 years ago
ww2 K.A.R.T m1 carbine with extras
Ted Williams
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Northwest Firearms

I have a ww2 m1 carbine that I am looking to sell.
The M1 carbine is a standard Receiver, Underwood It is in very good condition.
Its also got K.A.R.T markings, and from my research "KART" was the mark for the Norwegian Coastal Artillery, so it was probably dropped into Norway during the German occupation. Norway then turned around and exported them to Israel, which were then exported back to 'Murrka. that's quite the round-the-world trip...
Has original sling and oilier they just were in the way when i wanted to take a picture.
I also have an upgraded Williams m1 carbine site on it now but have the one in the picture as well.
And a ww2/korean war over the stock 2mag holder.
I have one 15 round magazine, and one 30 round magazine. Both pro-mags. the 15 rounder slightly used and the 30 rounder BNIB.
And one 5 round hunting/competition magazine.
I also upgraded the sight on it to an original first gen ww2 peep sight i like it much better, but still have the others.
I Also may have some ammo, and reloading supplies plus brass for extra if interested.
800 cash ftf at local ffl.