Youth Bolt Action 30-30

almost 3 years ago
Youth Bolt Action 30-30
Ted Williams
Available on
Northwest Firearms

I'm not excited to sell this one, but I'm trying to fund a different rifle for my stepson to use this year since he isn't completely confident with the iron sights on this.
If it doesn't sell, I'll happily keep it since I love to play with it, but I don't really have a use for it since I don't live on a farm anymore (it was the perfect light utility rifle on the farm).
This is a 1948 Stevens Model 325 with a Williams "Fool Proof" adjustable rear peep-sight and a Williams "Fire-sight" fiber-optic front sight.
It is a well-balanced carbine (I think it's about a 20" barrel), and the stock has been carefully cut down for smaller (youth) shooters (approx. 12.5 or 12.75" LOP).
This is the same as a Savage 340, which was manufactured until about the mid 1980's if I recall correctly.
The one difference is that this rifle was manufactured the year before they started drilling them for scope mounts.
I prefer the Peep sight for appearance and quick target acquisition, and they are ideal for a 30-30, so I never looked into the cost of drilling this for a scope (the scopes on the 340's were an odd side-mount contraption that never appealed to me anyway).
The rifle is in good condition for its age, and it comes with 2 factory box magazines.
I purchased it from another member a couple of years ago for $175, and I spent $125 on the Williams sights.
Since I don't really want to sell this one, I won't go below my break-even price of $300.