Ruger Target 10/22, Steyr Scout, Timberwolf, Mark V, Crossfire Simi Valley ONLY

about 1 year ago
Texas Scout
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Cal Guns
Simi Valley

Hello Calgunners
I have the following rifles for sale. I will post pics up tomorrow or as soon as I figure out where to host them. Prices are OBO but please don't insult me. Thanks for looking.
Ruger 10/22 Target with beautiful wood thumbhole stock, bull barrel, unfired, no box and only 1 mag. $500
Crossfire MK-1 12 Gauge / 223 over/under pump action rifle. Takes AR mags and has a pistol/thumbhole grip/stock. 12 G has HK Break and the 223 has a Phantom FH on it. Unfired, no box or paperwork. $1500
Steyr Scout Tactical 308 Rifle, Phantom FH, brand new, no box or paperwork. $1600
IMI Timberwolf 357 Pump Action Rifle, brand new, no box or paperwork. $1500
Weatherby Mark V in 338 Win Mag W/ Swarovski scope, around 20 rounds down range. $1400
Pics coming soon