Steyr Elite Precision Tactical Rifle w/Glass, SFV, Will Ship

over 1 year ago
Steyr Elite Precision Tactical Rifle w/Glass, SFV, Will Ship
Texas Scout
Hans Gruber
Available on
Cal Guns
(city or county): San Fernando Valley

This sale is for a complete, turn-key precision tactical rifle set up. I was into the tactical rifle set several years ago but got away from it. Now I have a new project and don't really see myself getting back into this kind of rifle shooting again any time soon.
Included in the sale:
Rifle Stuff
Steyr Elite in .308 Win - I managed to shoot .5 MOA with my hand loads and amateur marksmanship skills. I did the research and broke in the bore slowly and have about 600 rounds through the pipe. The vast majority being mid-power hand loads looking for the best accuracy. I was able to engage steel out to 880 yards with this setup shooting 168gr SMK. The vast majority of the shooting with this rifle was at a bench on a range. It only went into the wild once for a tactical rifle class. The bolt cycles like glass. $2200 retail
Vortex Viper 6.5-20x Mildot - Only about 150 rounds shot with this fine piece of mid-grade glass. $500 retail
Night Force 20MOA Light Weight Unimount - $250 retail
Condor Outdoor Sniper Shooters Mat Coyote Brown *NEW* - $100 retail
Plastic Bore Guide quick, easy and safe cleanings - $40 retail
Fiberglass Rotating Handle Cleaning Rod - $40 retail
Make: Steyr
Model: Scout Elite
Caliber: .308 Win
Location (city or county): San Fernando Valley
$2,200 OBO For the complete precision tactical rifle package.
$1,600 for the rifle only, no mounts or glass. Original hard case would be included.
Will ship (Y/N): Yes