CSR built 7 SAUM Surgeon 591

almost 4 years ago
CSR built 7 SAUM Surgeon 591
Thompson Center
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Long Range Hunting
New Bern, NC

Custom 7 SAUM built by Jim See at Center Shot Rifles (now he's at Surgeon Rifles)
Surgeon 591 single shot
Brux 1-8.5 twist 26.5" barrel (custom heavy contour), 28.5" with CSR brake
Manners A-2 with saddle cheek piece, from Jim
Timney Trigger, set at 2.5 lbs
Epoxy and pillar bedded
Tan Cerakote
Pelican 1750 case
The rifle is in excellent shape and has exactly 634 rounds down the
barrel. Every round fired was documented. It shoots extremely well with the 180 Hybrid, best group of less
than 1/2" @ 604 yds. I have shot multiple Sub-MOA hits on targets out
to approximately 1400 yds.
The action has some very light marks in the cerakote, as shown in pic. This is from ejecting brass. The rifle was properly broken in, consistently
cleaned, and never rapid fired.
The rifle as shown weighs 13.8 lbs, according to my bathroom scale.
I'm asking $2750 shipped in the case to your FFL, including insurance. Feel free and ask if you need more pics, or if you have any questions.
I also have 250 new pieces of Norma brass, if buyer needs them we can work something out.