Very Uncommon Early Finnish 91 Tikka

almost 2 years ago
Very Uncommon Early Finnish 91 Tikka
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I won't say "rare"; that term is so missused as to be meaningless. But, this is a very uncommon Finnish M91 rifle for the collector. This rifle was built for the Civil Guard in 1926 with a Tikka "C" barrel on a 1917 Russian Tula action. The stock is an original one-piece Russian with sling hangers; two holes for an earlier sling swivel behind the trigger guard have been plugged. The forward lug of the action retains the brass shims of the original Finnish zeroing of this stock. There are no splits or other problems with the stock or handguard.
The rifle was issued to Civil Guard district Etala-Satakunta in the southeast part of Finland. At a later date, the rifle was re-issued to the Finnish army, as evidenced by the boxed "SA" and was "D" stamped to show throating for the Russian loading of the 7.62-54R cartridge (as were all Finnish rifles after the Winter War).
The Tikka-barreled M91s were made in 1926 and 1927, and came in three bore diameters. An "A" bore was .3106" diameter; the "B" bore .3091", and the "C" .3087" was the least-common. This "C" bore is bright with sharp lands; it has been counterbored to 0.6", standard Finnish procedure to restore a crown worn by cleaning. The cleaning rod is a proper M91 rod. The finish is original with no rust or pitting. There are no import markings.
I trust the photos will answer all or most questions; the price for this rifle is $370, buyer covers the transfer fee. PM me with any questions.