7.62x25 Tokarev RMW Upper - Subsonic project TOK Whisper (PA, Will ship)

over 2 years ago
7.62x25 Tokarev RMW Upper - Subsonic project TOK Whisper (PA, Will ship)
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For sale is a like new custom flat top M4 upper chambered in 7.62x25 Tokarev
This was a project I undertook a while back and never got to see it the whole way through. I've got too many irons in the fire, and this one has to go to make room.
First off, this is a 16" M4 style upper by Ron Williams. It runs surplus 7.62x25 flawlessly with the included mag block and two lightly modified PPS-43 mags.
This upper is equipped with a FULL AUTO bolt carrier group and it FA ready.
I have run about 750 rounds of Polish surplus through this upper.
The cool part - When I ordered this upper, I had Ron throat the chamber and use a 1 in 10" twist barrel. The result is the ability to launch the 208 grain A-Max at 1050 fps. For this application, regular AR mags are used. Ron tested the subsonic load and assures me it runs fine.
Barrel is threaded 5/8"x24 and comes with a standard AR-10 flash hider.
Most 9mm cans should run fine on this setup. I really love this upper, but I have a new project that requires safe room and $$
Along with the upper, I have a Redding die set, and 400 pieces of brass. I have the original mag that came with the upper, and 10 more unmodified PPS-43 mags that will accompany it.
This is a big setup that I invested heavily in.
Asking price for full package - $950
I'll split up, but would prefer to sell the upper first.
Trade options - Maybe an Aimpoint T-1 or T-2 2moa or Kimber Mountain Ascent in .308 (cash either way to even)
PM or email interest to jrkotz@gmail.com