Century M92 PAP 7.62x39mm AK Pistol w/ SB-47 Brace & Flash Hider

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Century M92 PAP 7.62x39mm AK Pistol w/ SB-47 Brace & Flash Hider
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Like the title says, I'm putting up my AK pistol for sale.
Century Arms M92PV PAP AK Pistol chambered in 7.62x39mm
Here's what I've done to it, and what comes with it:SB-47 Arm Brace installed.Muzzle nut removed and replaced with the flash hider & spring-loaded retaining pin that these guns are supposed to come with (based on some quick research.)Tapco G2 double-hook trigger kit installed (I have the original yugoslavian trigger group to include as well.)Tapco trigger/hammer pin retaining plate installed. This makes it much easier to disassemble trigger group.Replaced the cheap plastic CAI pistol grip with an authentic Yugoslavian one.I loosened up the safety so that it's easier to move, and doesn't drag on the side of the gun as hard.Comes with one Yugoslavian surplus BHO magazine (holds the bolt open on the last round fired.)I have original box and papers to the SB-47 arm brace.I'm pretty sure I have the original box to the pistol, and accompanying papers/manuals. I will double check for them tomorrow.
This gun has been fired very little, which is precisely why I've decided to sell/trade it.
It works 100% (as every ak does). I am the original owner. I was able to pick it out from several at the gunshop, so I made sure I got one without canted sights. The sights on this gun are very straight and rough zeroed at 100 yards (if I remember correctly.)
For the whole package I'm asking $700. I am also willing to sell the pistol without the arm brace for $550. I will listen to reasonable offers.
The only trades I'm interested in are as follows:
A decent 1911 45ACP, Government size only.
Stainless steel Smith & Wesson or Ruger 357MAG or 22LR revolvers with 3-4" barrels.
Pistols that shoot 9x18MAK or 7.62 Tokarev
Mosin Nagant carbines M44/M38/etc. (not 91/30s)
Anything interesting or unique.
Conditions for a sale/trade are as follows:
You must be 21 years or older, you must have a valid drivers license and Indiana License to Carry a Handgun.
Must be willing to meet at or near the New Castle, Henry County area. I don't want to drive very far.
I can ship the gun to a local FFL dealer if needed, as long as you cover shipping and insurance. Usually $15-$20.
Please refrain from bumping my ad with questions or offers. Just PM me if you wish to contact me.
Thanks for looking!
More pictures can be found here: AK Pap pistol - Album on Imgur