Kimber Custom II .45

over 2 years ago
Kimber Custom II .45
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Northwest Firearms
Beaverton Oregon USA

Kimber Custom II .45 acp semi-auto pistol with 2 mags
very good condition, got some handling marks but not beat up.
picked up this pistol in a trade and I like it but im honestly just not that much of a 1911 dude.
just figured I would put this up for trade to see if I can get something more useful for me.
only interested in firearms so please no laptops, golfshoes, barstools, gypsy tears or snake oil.
Im really just looking to trade the pistol so I dont have a cash price at the moment.
........but someones gonna ask me anyways so if you wanna buy it cash $600 dollars
Trade for??
well you know i could use a hunting rifle with scope thats not a piece of junk. Or I would like an AK47 pistol or underfolder or perhaps an AK74
other than that I mostly like handguns so make an offer I might be interested in a couple of mil surps like a tokarev and a makarov or maybe a astra 400 if you have some largo rounds to throw in.
located in Beaverton Oregon USA. I will not ship the pistol. I will not travel half way across the state for a trade as I cannot. I will not respond to offers of things other than FIREARMS. I much prefare to trade but I will accept $600 dollars cash for the pistol ($600 U.S dollars) not magic beans, silver or good intentions.
The Kimber is in very good condition but it is used, It works fine but the Kimber mag has been known to cause FTF's. I had no issues but i only fired 50 rounds, I got the pistol in a trade so I have know idea of how many rounds its had through it .......hmmm lets say 663 because somebody is gonna ask me how many rounds its had through it???
..Sorry if this Thread sounds a little obvious and mean spirited but Im honsestly a reasonable dude and open to reasonable trade offers but i often get stupid offers and stupid questions when I post stuff for trade/sale so im just trying to get to the point
Beaverton OREGON
Trade for?? FIREARMS
CASH $600