Tokarev Russian Svt-40 Tula 1941

almost 3 years ago
Tokarev Russian Svt-40 Tula 1941
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Long Range Hunting

Here is a nice original Russian Tokarev Svt-40 rifle in 7.62 x 54 cal. Its made by the Tula factory in 1941. Its condition is about 80% of its original finish remaining. All internal and external parts are all correct Svt-40 parts and are Tula marked parts. All numbers are original stamped russian numbers and are MATCHING! The receiver, bolt, bolt carrier, and trigger housing all have the same numbers (all correct font and style). The stock is the correct Svt-40 stock, NOT an AVT replacement stock. The stock has no serial number at all, However, the stock looks to be all original, it definitely has NOT been resanded in anyway.
Price: $1240 shipping is $25