Uberti Model 3 Dragoon and Accessories

over 2 years ago
Uberti Model 3 Dragoon and Accessories
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I have an A. Uberti Third Model Dragoon with a 7.5 inch barrel that I am looking to part with. I bought the revolver new in mid September and I have only fired it once. I fired 11 shots and that is all. Both the barrel and the cylinder are clean and show no signs of corrosion (I tried, but the pictures do not show this well). I am including everything in the picture with the revolver.
It comes with:
89 .451 round lead bullets
Most of the bottle of black powder (what didn't get used the one time I took it out)
About 180 #11 percussion caps
A Track the Wolf nipple wrench
A Track the Wolf nipple pick
A Traditions powder flask
A Traditions powder measure
All of the original paperwork
A tube of anti-seize lubricant
A tube of bore butter
The original box
Open to trade or sale. Make me an offer