Czech Small Arms VZ58 (D-Tech)

over 1 year ago
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Hello. Up for sale is a D-Tech CSA VZ58. This is the real deal, CSA's Tactical model. Difference is, this one is available, unlike at their website where they are sold out most of the time. This particular rifle was manufactured by in 2009 with a Czech issue hammer forged full auto barrel, which is no longer available. It is basically brand new. These guns are better than the best AKs out there, IMHO. Very accurate, reliable as an AK, and light, weighing in at 6.7 pounds or so. The magazines are also much lighter, made out of aluminum and very robust. The bolt locks open on an empty magazine. You can take out the mag and the bolt carrier stays open, just like an AR. Comes with 2 30 round magazines, but more are available. I'm in Eugene, but will drive as far as Albany for a meet. $950