High-End *Actual* Custom Remington 700 Builds .308

almost 2 years ago
High-End *Actual* Custom Remington 700 Builds .308
U.S. Arms
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Cal Guns

Remington 700 chambered in .308
NorCal, preferred PTP at Rinkor Arms
Will Ship[/SIZE]
-Benelli M2 Field 21"/24" Barrel
-Glock 19/17 w/ RMR
-CZ 75 SP01, Sport or Shadow in 9mm
-Any STI handgun in 9mm
-Tactical 1911s
-High End AR15s (Daniel Defense, Noveske, etc,)
-Rifle Dynamic "Modern" AKs
-Remington 700 .223
-CZ .22 Tactical Trainer
I have two barreled actions chambered in .308 that are up for sale or trade. Please note, the stocks and optics pictured are not included in the prices shown.
What is included are completed barreled actions: they are ready to be dropped into a stock or chassis and torqued to spec.
If you were looking for a complete turnkey package I have stocks and scopes I could include for an additional price.
And before you ask, the Black Manners MCS T6A that's pictured is long gone, but what I do have that is available is:
(1) A brand new OD Manners MCS T3 with Chassis, inlet for varmint/sendero barrel contour for $700. (It's a perfect match for the shorter barreled action, can get pictures up if there is interest.)
(2) As well as the pictured Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32 FFP with Cerakoted Seekins matched rings for $750. Scope is is great condition, it saw very little use.
(3) The pictured Tan Rock Solid Aluminium Chassis for $750. From what I understand, and the lack of email responses from Rock Solid, these stocks are discontinued.
Remington 700 18" .308 (Inspired by the GAP Gladius)
Details on Short Barreled Build:
As far as fit, finish and smooth operation, this barreled action is as good as it gets before going full custom action. It shoots 1/2 MOA with 168 Federal Gold Metal Match but would likely do better with some other match factory ammo, and would definitely shoot sub-half-MOA with hand loads. This is a nice little tactical package that could also double as a hunting rifle. Velocites with the shorter barrel are better than you'd expect. I can send over some chrono measurements for various factory loads if there's interest.
-Trued Short Action (Side Bolt Release)
-Hand fitted PTG one piece fluted bolt /w M16 mini extractor)
-Bartlein #3 Barrel Blank cut to 16.5 inches
-Black Timney 510 Trigger
-SureFire muzzle brake
-Larue 20 MOA Scope Base
-Badger recoil lug
-Graphite Black Cerakote
Round count 220.
Condition: Very good, seen very little use, has minor scuffing at most
Price: $1400, original cost to build $2546.64 + $95 FFL Transfer.
Remington 700 24" .308
-Trued Short Action
-Fluted Bolt, Badger Bolt Knob and reinforced bolt handle
-Bartlein M24/M40 Barrel Blank cut to 22 inches
-Old-Style Remington Trigger (Could also include a New Timney 510)
-Badger Thruster Break
-Weaver 0 MOA scope base
-Badger recoil lug
-Graphite Black Cerakote
Round Count 230.
Condition: Very good, very little use, has minor scuffing at most.
Price: $1300, original cost to build $2257.20 + $95 FFL Transfer
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