Steyr AUG A3 non NATO

about 2 years ago
Steyr AUG A3 non NATO
U.S. Arms
Available on
Northwest Firearms

I have a 98% Steyr Aug A3 in black that takes standard Steyr mags. It has just under 500 rounds down range with zero hiccups. Very nice rifle. Freeing up cash for a home purchase. Sat in a climate controlled safe. Two range trips.
Steyr AUG A3 (full rail) with the following:
-Magpul metal flip ups BUIS
-AAC Steyr 51T FH (original tulip included)
-Manticore Arms mini charging handle (by far the number one upgrade to the AUG)
-Gear Head Works Sling Swivel
-Neu Trigger
I have about (25) mags for it. I'll get an accurate count tonight. All factory Steyr and almost all brand new. I think I've only used 3 of them. They are a mix of 30 and 42 rounders. More 30 rounders though. I also have a small parts repair kit bought from PJ's to add to the bag.
I have an Aimpoint PRO in a Larue mount on the rifle currently.
With the Aimpoint and all the mags I am at $2750. Firm. No trades.
For just the rifle minus the optic and the mags (will ship with 1 30 rounder) I will do $2000 firm. DO the math on the mags they add up...
Suppressor, cover and sling not included.