Two AR-15s for a Scar 16

almost 2 years ago
Two AR-15s for a Scar 16
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Wanting to trade my two AR-15s for an FN Scar 16. Either in FDE or black. (I would prefer the FDE color way. One of the rifles is a DPMS lower with a bunch of goodies on it such as a Battle Arms ambi safety selector, Seekins mag release, Spikes billet trigger guard, CMC flat face 2 stage trigger. The upper for that AR is a brand new 14.5" Faxom pencil barrel with a mid length gas system, PWS 12" keymod handguard, Strike Industries hand stop, a VG6 muzzle break that still needs to be pinned and welded, M16 bcg, Raptor ambi charging handle, and the upper receiver is a Aero with a Strike Indistries ultimate dust cover. Magpul pro sights, and a Vortex red/ green dot. His upper has 0 rounds through it. The other rifle is a San Tan Tactical billet ambi lower and upper with a BCM trigger, Battle Arms take down pins and ambi safety selector, B5 systems stock on a VLTOR buffer tube, JP silent capture spring, B5 grip that I will take off and switch with a BCM mod 3 grip, SLR Rifleworks 15" keymod handguard, 16" Ballistic Advantage Hanson Premium barrel with approximately 300 rounds through it with 0 malfunctions. The muzzle break is a Lantac Dragon that is currently not attached. Doesn't have a charging handle or BCG. And a brand new set of Daniel Defense fixed irons. Also has a Inforce WML on a Haley Strategic keymod mount. And an IWC sling mount. As stated before, I'm only looking to trade for a Scar 16.