Top-break .455 Webley British Military Revolver by Orbea Hermanos

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Top-break .455 Webley British Military Revolver by Orbea Hermanos
U.S. Military
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For TRADE is Top-break .455 revolver hand cannon that was formerly a British Officer's weapon (either in the Boer War or WWI) and bears British military hallmarks, original grips, and has been beautifully restored -- beautiful bluing and tight lockup -- fully functional! It is essentially a slightly more modern European clone of the S&W 3rd Model Schoenfeld or 3rd model Russian -- but unlike an original one of those, it isn't a $5000 non-functional wall-hanger I had it listed for trade hereabouts awhile back, but terminated the listing when the laws on private transfers changes. . . guess I'm over that now. . . albeit still a bit grumpy. . .
This revolver was made by the famous Spanish firm of Orbea Hermanos. They were one of the largest manufacturers of quality firearms in Europe during this period, and are considered the "best" of the Spanish makers. Most likely, this gun was purchased by a British Officer as his personal side arm, who then took it to an army arsenal for for inspection, it passed and received some military proof marks, and then the officer was allowed to carry it while in uniform. Orbea Hermanos did receive some government contracts from the British Army prior to WWI, but according to the best history I have read, most guns like this were purchased privately and then entered military service as personal sidearms.
This revolver has been nicely restored at some time, but still has the original animal horn grips, and military lanyard ring. Please see pics for condition -- Believe it or not, it looks even better in person. What looks like blemishes and idiot marks in the pics are hallmark and proofing stamps -- this old gun is covered with them, both manufactures marks and military inspection marks.
Last time I checked, the various dealers who have similar pieces (often in poorer condition) are asking $1000+ for these guns, but my "trade value" is somewhere between $500-$800 depending on how much I like your gun
I'd be willing to trade straight across for the right QUALITY semi-auto handgun in 9m or .45 ACP -- I like 80s and earlier S&W, Colt, FN/Browning, and other similar quality makes.
I have had a hard time determining the exact manufacturer date, so I'm not 100% sure when this was made -- but almost certainly late 1800 or very early 1900s. I'll defer to the experts whether this has true curio and relic status, but I figured listing it hereabouts would be appropriate
General Info
.455 Webley was the British service pistol caliber in the late 1800s-early 1900s -- used expensively in the colonial wars. This was the original "manstopper" bullet, developed to take down the uncivilized enemies of the empire. Basically, it was England's version of .45 Long Colt, with a very slightly larger bullet, and slightly shorter case. Apparently, .45 LC cartridges and bullets can be modified to work very well by a reasonably skilled reloader -- that is how close they are in size. During some periods, American gunsmiths routinely modified .455 Webley revolvers to shoot .45 ACP from a moonclip -- apparently it is as easy as shaving a tiny amount off the end of the cylinder -- but this one is unmodified. It is much more common to find the Webley brand revolvers in the US as they were sold as Military Surplus very cheaply in the 50s and 60s -- that is also when most of them were cut up to shoot .45 ACP from moonclips, often prior to sale.