(OR too) AR15

over 3 years ago
(OR too) AR15
Available on
Northwest Firearms

Recently built a different AR... not sure I need two...
just seeing what else is out there
DPMS upper, 16" Hvy bbl, Quadrail, Troy brake, metal flip up sights,
extended charging handle...
SAA Lower, Magpul grip
& 1 pmag, ARFX-e buttstock. Also comes with a Green laser
may be able to add mags and/or ammo (prefer not as I have another AR to feed)
Probably about 500 rounds through it. Awesome gun. I really dont mind if I keep it, but I like to diversify
Woulds consider...
Beretta CX4 that would come with some accys, mags, etc (9mm, 92 series mags only)
Golani/Galil clone in 223
AK in 223 (not excited about Romy guns)
9mm AR15
Maybe a nice AK in 762x39?
Uzi - 9mm
Other "assault rifles" ????
Offer whatever, maybe you have something that I havent thought of? Worst result is a polite decline.
Lets keep to 9mm/223-556/762x39
Will travel to FFL in Oregon if needed