Vector 9mm Uzi Carbine - Needs some TLC

over 5 years ago
 Vector 9mm Uzi Carbine - Needs some TLC
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I thought about selling this a while back but decided to hold onto it, but now could use the cash for other projects. I purchased this about a year ago and have maybe put 500 rounds through it. It's fun to shoot and I've purchased various parts and accessories for it. The thing is though....I get maybe 1 or 2 failure to extracts per mag. I've had the best luck with Winchester White Box ammo in which I got through nearly 200 rounds with only a few FTE. The fit on the top cover seem really tight when i bought it so i did a little dremmel work on the underside of it to make it fit better, meaning there's some bare metal there.
Rifle comes with 1 25rd Mag and 3 32rd Mag, Mag pouch, sling, 2 surplus top covers, an extra collapsible buttstock, front sight adjustment tool, and a StormWerkz Uzi Optic Mount (unmounted).
I think someone more mechanically inclined than myself could make this run better.
For sale $900.00. No trades
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