Finnish VKT (Valmet) M91 Mosin 1941

over 4 years ago
Finnish VKT (Valmet) M91 Mosin 1941
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Indiana County

Finnish VKT (Valmet) M91 Mosin 1941
Very nice bore, not counter bored.
I have not fired this rifle, but it has been in storage since the early 90's importation right out of Finnish stocks, I see no reason there would be a problem.
I have cleaned and oiled it with CLP.
Good blue with some storage scratches and areas of fading.
Wood is solid with a couple arsenal repairs, one small split at one rivet on the HG.
Receiver has no date on tang.
Bolt matches barrel.
Please carefully look at the pics, this is not a nice new shiny looking current Russian refurb.
Small import mark on end of barrel, older CAI St. Albians
$350 FTF in Indiana County.
The ONLY trades I'd be interested in would be a partial trade of a early SVT40 stock or some die sets, 308. 30-06, 7.62X54r.
I will direct ship to another PA resident with a copy of your DL and a signed statement that you are not prohibited.
This gun is long and heavy, Shipping/insurance/packaging materials in state will be $35.
Shipped out of state to FFL or C&R, add $10 to shipping, your FFL must accept from an individual and yes I will need a copy of their FFL.
If shipping, payment by Postal MO only.
Lowballs will be ignored, you are not going to walk into every shop and find a Finn Mosin, this is not a Russian refurb that Dunhams and Gander sells for $179-199.