AR - priced to go, interested in trades!!

over 1 year ago
AR - priced to go, interested in trades!!
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I have a fairly new M&P 15 with magpul furniture. 700 rounds down the pipe, and this one has forward assist and dust cover. It was purchased new only a few months back. In the meantime I have acquired 2 new AR's and just don't shoot this one enough to justify holding on to it. This gun has been absolutely flawless with every kind of ammo I've put through it, not a single malfunction of any kind. Looking to get this out the safe soon to make room for other interests.
$425, this is a steal of a deal.
Also interested in trades! I have the itch for a new gun and can't justify spending too much more cash with all of the guns I don't use regularly in my safe. Really want to get my hands on another 9mm after selling mine and regretting it. Ideally looking for a walther PPQ either m1 or m2 no preference or a Glock 19. I'm willing to add cash to deal under right circumstances
Open to other trades as well, feel free to offer whatever except please no hunting rifles or shotguns! Thank you!