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Item, Location, Will Ship/No Shipping
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Молон Лабе

Make: Winchester
Model: 1912 (Model 12)
Caliber: 2 3/4" AND 3" SHELLS
Location (city or county): Ventura County or LA county
Price: 450
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: This is a refinished Model 1912 that was cut down to about a 20" barrel, the action is extremely smooth, it takes 2 3/4" and 3" shells and takes down in less than 3 seconds....this model allow slam-fire and is a wonderful home defense or duty gun, especially given its fast action. The stocks have a few marks but no cracks, the recoil pad is aftermarket but does the job, there are thin scratches on the finish and some handling wear but the action is absolutely smooth. This is a beautiful shotgun and was professionally restored, not some jim-b0b in a basement. Please see the pics.
This configuration is sometimes known as a 'riot' grade and takes two different shell lengths. This is a bad@ss shotgun that I will miss.
Make: Remington
Model: Nylon 66 Semi-Automatic Light Weight Tube Fed Rifle & Original Oxnard Sears Box
Caliber: .22 LR
Location (city or county): Ventura County or LA County
Price: $400
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: This rifle comes with its original box, the stocks are Nylon DuPont and look like high grade wood. The rear sight is a Lyman adjustable aperture and it makes for a really accurate piece. The tube magaines takes about 12 rounds of .22 LR which is legal in CA, the Nylon series is known for its self-lubricating qualities and have taken POLAR BEAR in Alaska by the natives, look it up. This is a really sweet rifle with its original factory box, vintage, with a Sears Oxnard label. If you live in the Oxnard area, this belongs to you. If not, it still belongs to you! I want to keep this rifle in SoCal. The body has some scuffs, someone etched their drivers license number or something similar on the left of the receiver, the number is written on the inside of the factory box. Outside of that, the stocks have light scuffs and the metal has some minor rub wear. The bore is bright with sharp rifling. The Lyman rear sight really makes a difference.
Make: Howa Weatherby
Model: Vanguard, Original Box, SUB MOA GROUPING TEST TARGET, vintage soft case, lock and more.
Caliber: .300 WSM
Location (city or county): Ventura County or LA County
Price: $550
Will ship (Y/N): No
Other info: I have never shot this rifle or mounted a scope on it. There are light storage marks on the stock, the blue surfaces have light marks but the bore is intensely bright and sharp with minimal use. The test target shows a 100 yard group of .073", this will make for a really nice hunting or target rifle. The original factory box, paperwork, test target, lock, vintage soft case and more.
I have a couple of really nice pistols (SVW 45 Walther P38, Waffenamt & Colt 1903 .32 ACP Hammerless Pocket) available here:
Look at my feedback, you can check out the items and evaluate in person but I'm only looking for serious purchasers. Please do your research before buying. Please send a PM and do not respond to the thread. First "I'll TAKE IT" wins.
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