Walther PPQ 9mm M1 (Classic)

almost 5 years ago
Walther PPQ 9mm M1 (Classic)
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I have for sale a never fired Walther PPQ 9mm M1 (Classic, with the paddle mag release). This was intended to be for my wife to use, and a backup to my original PPQ, but it turns out it likely will never get used at this rate.
Most of the gun is pretty much like new. The only small sign of wear is the roll pin for the backstrap, and a few tiny nicks around that roll pin hole. This was a result of being a little too aggressive with the punch when I was swapping out the medium backstrap (not transponder marked) for the smaller one. I also field stripped it to give it a wipe down and apply my own preferred lube the day I got it, and maybe a holstering or two. That's about it for its use.
Includes all the backstraps, factory test target and shell casings, 2 original mags, and box. Everything that came with the gun basically.
$700 shipped to your FFL. Prefer USPS money order. Please email me at ks1911shooter@yahoo.com if interested.