WTS: Stevens 120 and Wards Western Field 16ga

about 5 years ago
WTS: Stevens 120 and Wards Western Field 16ga
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I snagged these 2 guns at the last gun buyback and I figured I would pass them on. These are C&R guns so I just need a copy of your drivers license to verify legal age and I can ship them over to you (IF within California).
1) Stevens 120 .22 single shot rifle. The man I bough this from said that he shot rats with this dad back in the 40s with this gun. He took it from his dad's estate 40 years ago after his dad passed on and didn't know what to do with it and I was lucky enough to intercept him before he . Action is a tad loose but it shouldn't be too much of an issue. 115 shipped takes this nice little .22
2) Wards Western Field Model 60 in 16ga. This is a rebadged Savage 620 made between 1940 and 1943 with about 66k made. Bought this from a gentleman that had 2 shotguns but I couldn't take the other one since it wasn't a C&R. You should have seen the cops get all riled up over this one when they saw me purchase it.
16ga is a bit of a bastard gauge but this would make a decent extra trap gun or even a self-defense gun if cut down. Has surface rust that will clean up just fine and the action is pretty smooth. Asking 115 shipped.
I am not making any money on these guns so please do not lowball me or ask for a "best offer." I bought these to save them from destruction at the hands of the state and I am just trying to recoup my money.
PM me if interested.