10,000+ rounds of .22 long rifle ammo for sale

over 1 year ago
10,000+ rounds of .22 long rifle ammo for sale
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I am selling over 10,000 rounds of .22 long rifle rounds (10,105 to be exact.). All are high velocity (at least 1,200 fps, some up to 1,400). I dont consider myself a stockpiler, I just would picked up 100/500 each time I saw them at Bi-Mart, Sportsman, etc. After looking at me shooting habits, I realized I have not shot one of my 22s for 18 months. Ive decided to keep several thousands and sell the rest. The lot consists of
3(525) Remington Golden Bullets
2(100) CCI Mini Mags Hollow Points
6(100) CCI Mini Mag Round Nose
2(100) Remington Golden Bullets
2(50) American Eagle
2(40) American Eagle
2(400) American Eagle
10(325) Federal Auto Match
1(1,400) Remington Golden Bullets Bucket
4(100) Winchester Super X
3(500) Remington Thunderbolts
Im asking for $600 CASH. That comes out to just under 6 cents per round. I am not willing to split this lot up, nor am I willing to ship. FTF only. I live in east Beaverton/west Portland and would be willing to meet between Hillsboro and Beaverton and Hwy26 and Hwy 99 (along Hwy 217).
If you have any specifics questions about grains or fps, feel free to text or PM me. 503-449-1602
Not interested in trades at this time.
Thanks, Clark